Friday, April 18, 2008

trench coat

Remember when, still at the height of her Sex and the City fame, Sarah Jessica Parker did some advertisements for Gap? There was a whole cute little line with wide-leg trousers and lots of khaki and yellow. This was maybe four or five years ago, and I was in the tenth grade and half in love with SJP because of her shoe obsession and the obvious glamour of the show. One of the best things in that season was a trench coat with plenty of contrast piping and a really pretty, colorful lining of Easter-colored circles. I bought one of those trench coats (it was actually a point of contention between my mother and me), in black with khaki trim, and then proceeded not to wear it. It wasn't really a coat for a sixteen-year-old girl, and I always felt weirdly overdressed when wearing it. It's lovely though, and I never got rid of it (or the pink and beige plaid raincoat I bought then).

Recently, I rediscovered said trench coat. It's the perfect thing for the changing weather in New York, and adds a little chicness to the most plain of outfits. The weird thing though? I am seeing half the universe has done the same thing! I saw a pretty blonde wearing my trench coat a month ago while dining on mediterranean small plates at Kashkaval, and just yesterday a young woman descended the stairs in her own copy. Oddly enough, I don't recall seeing anyone else wearing this particular trench when mine was still tucked in the back of my closet, but perhaps it's like the old word trick--once you learn a new word, suddenly it appears in everything you read.

Of course, no matter how many city girls I see have unearthed their Gap trench coats just when I decided to wear mine again, there is nothing quite so fun as answering "I love your coat, where did you get it?" with "oh, this? Bought it ages ago...", even if that's just a little, tiny bit obnoxious.

What treasures have you unearthed from the back of your closet?

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Robin said...

I have the same coat! I don't find many exciting surprises in my closet b/c I am not as good at closet maintenance as you are (I was very impressed by your post a while back about keeping things spiffy), but yesterday I did find an Indian blouse I had forgotten all about, and I do tend to forget that I own Carmen Miranda shoes from Sonia Rykiel (mainly b/c they are teetery platforms and I can't actually wear them).