Sunday, May 25, 2008

let them eat kate: clever or vulgar?

Honestly, I'm as sick of Kate Moss as the next girl, but I am curious about how her campaign for Agent Provocateur is being received. While recently in SoHo I stopped by the shop to glance at the window display, the glass of which reads "let them eat kate" smeared in bloody red paint or something similar (an unfortunate choice if you ask me, but not the point).

Personally, I think an image of Kate Moss with Denueve hair and red patent hooker boots with this, um, "caption" perfectly suits the AP sexy-smutty image, even though it's not the sort of thing you'd want your children to spot in a window display. What do you think? Funny? Hot? Gross? Tell me in the comments.

You can check out all the different images of Kate on the AP front page here. The pictures change each time you refresh so a quick spin through will reveal the "let them eat kate" ad. As AP sells lingerie, expect the images are not quite safe for work.

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