Sunday, September 14, 2008

perfect for vacuuming

In my fantasies, I must not be a New Yorker. Sure, in my conscious meandering day dreams I'm a fabulous New York woman with an amazing apartment and a really cute dog, but whenever I fall in love with a pair of shoes these days, I realized how very city-incompatible my favorites are. Take these intense Valentino stunners. One cannot wear rose pink suede on the dirty Manhattan streets, let alone brave the subway (or even a mucky cab floor) with such a beautiful color. The nude trim would be ravaged after a few New York adventures and those bows? Those bows are practically begging to be caught on something. No, these shoes belong in some perfect, insulated world, a modern-day Versailles (how Marie Antoinette are these?!?!) where shoes never have to worry about gum on the pavement or tiny rats running over them. Sigh! If you live somewhere where shoes are not at risk, or really do reserve your best shoes for vacuuming alone, pink suede bliss can be purchased for just under $700 from from the Neiman Marcus website.

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