Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back to school

One day back and I'm already in heart attack mode.

But, I did want to post on the super-simple face routine I've been doing that has pretty much cleared up all of the little stress-related breakout on my forehead. My skin is normally clear, but once in awhile my anxiety flares and I'll get annoying little whiteheads and reddish bumps. In the summer I usually use plain old Dove bar soap (I know everyone points out how ridiculously bad this is, but it's always worked for me) and Neutrogena moisturizer (with sunscreen!). Sometimes this routine works in the winter, but this year it feels extra dry and I've switched to Cetaphil's gentle cleanser for dry skin (it's this stuff). I spend a good two minutes doing a nice face massage while washing, which is soothing and leaves me all glowy. I'm also using this creme instead of my normal lotion. I borrowed it from my mom one day while I was home over break and find that it's really quite good, although ultra-hydrating so not really for those without dry skin. I don't know if it's keeping me young, but I sort of doubt the anti-aging qualities of most cosmetics. The price tag (I paid about 15$ for two ounces at Walgreens) is more than I generally spend on skin stuff, since I'm spoiled and usually spent almost nothing for bars of soap and less than 10$ a bottle for four ounces of the Neutrogena, but it's working wonders. I've also been doing it twice a day, rather than my normal about three times over two days. If you've got dry skin I really would recommend either product or both. The drawback to the Jason creme is that it doesn't have a sunscreen, so you need one in addition.

Now if I could only figure out what to do with the almost-invisible blackheads on the side of my nose. Product recommendations?

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