Wednesday, January 23, 2008

off my game

Despite craving a little comfort this afternoon, I decided to once again tackle my personal white whale: cooking brown rice. Seriously, I think I'm cursed. White rice is never a problem (but I try to stick to whole grains so I rarely cook it for myself), but brown rice is finicky and I can't think of one time I've done it just right. Many a night I have just given up or ordered a pint of brown rice from the local Chinese restaurant to eat with something that needed rice.

Well, the rice turned out a bit moist. I really hate that word "moist". But that's how it was, just a little too much liquid. I probably should have left it in the pot longer, but I was trying not to burn it. It didn't end up mattering so much, as I was planning to make lazy fried rice with garlic and onion an egg and soy sauce and shelled edamame. It turned out delicious anyway.

But it would be nice to figure out the secret to the rice. Suggestions?

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Abi said...

I'd trust Alanna on this one: Foolproof Brown Rice