Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wednesday which way

I hope I'm not the only one who fantasizes about all the possible ways to wear a new item, but then finds some of them a bit impractical for her lifestyle. I spend a good amount of free time (pathetic? probably, but better than my addiction to Millionaire Matchmaker) looking through my closet and coming up with outfits I think are cute possibilities. Sounds lame, but saves me loads of time on school mornings.

Polyvore is frighteningly addictive though, so I thought I'd bring my fashion ponderings online. Each week I'll try to pair a new or rarely worn item with two possible outfit choices, using mostly items I have or ones I found online that are similar. Unless otherwise noted, the outfits are to wear for a typical day of classes and lame bureaucratic meetings at school. Here's one I've thrown together for today. The navy skirt is the new item, which I got on sale from Old Navy, and the sweater is similar to the cream Uniqlo sweater I love and wear practically once a week.

Clearly I have a fondness for nautical color combinations. So, which way to wear it? I think the left is better for the kind of weather we have in New York right now, which is windy and cool but not icy. My silky scarf is a little longer than the pictured one. I think I would fold it twice and knot it loosely. The right would be cuter for spring, and could be worn without tights on a sunny day. I'd probably favor the left overall. What do you think?

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