Monday, November 3, 2008

perfect for vacuuming: sassy teals edition

Did you read Sweet Valley High books when you were kid? I used to go the library and check out three or four and devour them. I also read all of the Sweet Valley Twins books, which according to Wikipedia was a spin off series about protagonists Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield at age twelve. In basically every Sweet Valley book Elizabeth and Jessica's eyes are described in the first chapter or so, and these eyes are always described as being a kind of blue green color. I alternately decided these eyes were aquamarine or teal, depending on my mood, and now that I think about it, I bet author Francine Pascal actually did name a shade, but apparently I ignored it. While shopping online for some winter basics I've noticed several pairs of shoes that totally reminded me of this color, bringing sweet memories of the Sweet Valley twins to mind.

How about these cute peek-a-boo toe Jordan pumps from Shoes for Lovely People? At Piperlime for $148.
photo: Piperlime

Or these flirtatious Seychelles with the adorable name (Reservations for Two)? At Piperlime for $90.

photo: Piperlime

Or far too adorable Natalie flats from lillybee? At simplysoles for $135.

photo: simplysoles

These Chie Mihara Serena pumps have a forties feel with a conservative cut, but the detail up front and color make them special. At Nordstrom's for $415.

photo: Nordstrom


WendyB said...

Love the ones with the rosettes.

Tess said...

These shoes are cute and they look comfortable.