Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Bride's Book

This was my first blog-related purchase, it's a 1902 Scottish edition of what I think is an English book called The Bride's Book, a smallish guide to everything related to proposals and weddings, plus some suggestions and musings on the nature of early married life. The author is a Mrs. E. T. Cook.

This book was actually slightly awkward to purchase, since the couple who owned the shop wondered aloud whether it was a hint about an upcoming engagement (sorry folks, the title of this blog won't be legit for a while, if ever) but it's a blast to read and when I'm procrastinating I find myself flipping through for an interesting passage. My love for quirky old books burns onward.

I've scanned here the passage that inspired NH and me to purchase this volume, essentially a list of the various types of proposals with a brief description of each. It may surprise you, reader, to discover that the next several pages of Mrs. E. T. Cook's book focus on the meaning and delivery of the "Vague Proposal".

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