Sunday, February 3, 2008

perfect for vacuuming: special edition

I just ordered these because I've had a major crush on them for days, and my mother suggested I finally order them. I might actually vacuum in these (actually, we don't have a vacuum in the sorority house, and we really need one).

But it's much more likely that I'd throw these on with slim jeans and a sweater to run errands. I spent a good portion of the day at The Cloisters up in Fort Tryon Park with NH. It was amazing, and I'll comment more on my post this evening.


Princess Poochie said...


I just bought the white ones in the store (they didn't have the pink or yellow ones there because I too want the yellow ones and would have snatched them up as well).

These are my 5th pair of the Target driving mocs and they are great.


anastasia said...

Are the white ones cute? I'm so terrible with white shoes, as I find them impossible to keep clean and worse, I hate wearing them when they're even slightly dirty. I have a pair of slip on white keds that are a sweaty mess that I run around the house in, but otherwise me + white = bad. Even though I think white shoes can be just gorgeous, and very sexy.

Are all of the Target driving mocs you have from the Mizrahi line? I wonder what will happen to the cute mocs when the collaboration ends at the end of the year.