Thursday, February 7, 2008

project runway

I really hesitated to post this because I wanted the beautiful Louboutins in the perfect for vacuuming post to remain up top for as long as possible (vanitas, vanitas), but tonight's episode was really quite hysterical, and good fun. I was pleased when Chris March took the win, especially as he is frequently robbed and/or pigeonholed AND his outfit was right on point with the challenge. His own matching outfit was a witty and fun addition. I know the cute boy who had to leave due to his unfortunate face infection has been quoted on the internet as saying that the Project Runway cool kids don't hang out with Chris March these days, but he'd totally be in my top two of contestants to meet. The other one being Jillian because I think she's fabulous and I wish she'd make some pretty pretty dress for me to wear. While I hated the styling of her outfit (those boots/socks are weird and not flattering), I loved loved loved the superhero blue fabric and concept which were extremely appropriate to the challenge and looked great while somehow still having a tiny bit of Jillian's retro flair. Loved it. Still, Chris' stuff was awesome.

Now, don't get me wrong. Ricky needed the auf and so on and I am as sick as everyone else of watching him weep and cry and moan about childhood poverty and pat himself on the back for his lingerie background and so on. So it's not like I was all upset to see him go. I just really wanted to see Rami go also. I was hoping this was one of those SURPRISE, you're both off sorts of moments, with Rami and Ricky leaving. Rami has proven himself to have an un-covetable attitude and he's really good at making women's breasts look lopsided (last I checked most brassieres are designed to reduce unfortunate but natural imbalances in breast shape and size), which is not "woman friendly" no matter what Michael Kors says. Women want breasts that are about equal in size and shape. And you know, a little lift and cleavage would often be a nice addition. You can't really see the breast thing in the picture of Rami's pink creation but it was pretty obvious on the runway.

This challenge was fun and funny and made me happy to watch the show while I downed way too much Ben & Jerry's Organic Sweet Cream and Cookies ice cream and chatted on the internet. Doesn't Chris' model/"diva" look like she could kill you? I know the season's nearly over, but the keep the episodes coming strong, Bravo. Or at least keep Millionaire Matchmaker around for a while. That show's hilarious.

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David Dust said...

You should try Ben & Jerry's newest flavor - "Tranny Ice Cream"

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