Wednesday, February 13, 2008

perfect for vacuuming, maybe

I really love these Kate Spade heels, at least, I think I do. They're one of my favorite shapes (maybe it's all those years of private school but I find nothing quite so adorable as a round-toed, single-strap, high-heeled mary jane), and the color is a bit unexpected. The color even has its own cool name, "Thai oil patent", which sounds like it should be very pretty with nice sheen. I do wonder if these would be a little too shiny/iridescent though, perhaps evoking the dreaded stripper shoes, especially if worn with the wrong outfit. What do you think? Is the Kate Spade "katie" sexy or trampy?

At Nordstrom's.


Jessica said...

I just can't imagine wearing these shoes without socks. I know the socks shouldn't be there, but they are. It's like a slutty Dorothy shoe.

Love this blog's theme, by the way.

anastasia said...


It IS kind of a slutty Dorothy shoe, but I think the color is sort of a twist on that. I always want to try socks with mary janes but I chicken out and wear tights instead...

Thanks for the compliment--I'm having a lot of fun exploring the concept.