Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it doesn't even fit the model...

and we're supposed to pay full price plus shipping for it? What's with the puckering in the cups near the sternum? There are many things in life a girl has to compromise on, but bra fit is not one of them. This brassiere (that's just not made for this model) is from Betsey Johnson and it's $36 at Urban Outfitters.

I had grown sick of Urban Outfitters, but their semi-recent redesign (or whatever they call it) tempted me to glance through the site tonight, and I found many cute and covetable things, like this really fun take on the spectator pump trend, by Pour La Victoire ($195).

But I also just can't get over the wacky fit on a lot of the lingerie in the pictures. I'm sure the stuff is cute and must fit (some) people correctly, I even own some Betsey Johnson lingerie. I wonder why they would feature it that way though, it seems kind of counterintuitive to you know, selling it.

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