Monday, March 31, 2008

meyer lemons

Today after a meeting downtown midtown and lunch with NH I decided to stop at Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center because I rarely ever get down there and I thought I might catch some decent prices on organic items (New York decent, of course).

As I pushed my cart around the produce section moodily, annoyed by the rain and general dreariness of the city and uninspired by the available produce, I prepared to pick up some eggs and go when I spotted organic meyer lemons for $2.99 a pound (not so bad considering the regular organic lemons were 99 cents each). I've been playing around with citrus cookies lately so this was a particularly inspiring sight.

Even moreso when I reached the counter and discovered that the five juicy lemons I'd selected were $2.99. Somehow I had chosen exactly one pound of lemons. Meant to be? I think so.

I'm thinking of using three to make lemon curd and the other two in a lemon and ginger pound cake. What would you make with a pound of meyer lemons?

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