Saturday, March 29, 2008

unconvinced: carved floral monstrosities

Noticed anything lately? That's right, I haven't actually had time to look at fantasy shoes lately. It's crazy enough trying to squeeze in a moment to make that pear crisp (I'm glad it won though)! Today I finally had a moment to glance at some shoes. As the spring/summer new arrivals keep rolling out though, I see a trend more disturbing than jelly shoes: floral shoes gone wild.

I know they were big on the runway at fashion week. Really big. As in, literally. Now that they're rolling out into stores, I'm not buying it.

These Chloe sandals have pretty carving on the heels, but are so clunky they lose all appeal. Saks, $550.

These are from Prada. Saks pre-order, $750.

At Neiman Marcus, it's same idea, slightly different execution with these. Prada, $720.

These are tamer in the shape department but I think the colors are ugly and unsubtle. I do like the idea of the flower on the sole. Also Prada. Neiman Marcus, $690.

Now, I know Prada knows how to do floral in a gorgeous way. How classic and pretty are these? Neiman Marcus, $590.


Anonymous said...

I really adore the last pair. It's so pretty.

And even though I hate clunky shoes with straps, I think the pair in the middle isn't too bad.

But yeah, these designs are mostly hideous. What are they thinking?

anastasia said...

The last pair of shoes are probably dream shoes for me. They would be so unexpected, with the very simple shape for most of the shoe and then that gorgeous heel.

Hmm, the lavender/beige/black Prada sandals aren't evil per se, but I'm making a point here.

Lannie said...

ah someone took my comment already. i was frightened until the last pair, which i am completely in love with.

who needs real flowers? i need to convince some boy to buy me that pair of shoes...

WendyB said...

I have the Pradas with the thick floral heel and I love them :-)

anastasia said...


I'm curious what you wear them with?