Monday, March 3, 2008

perfect for vacuuming

The sun is shining through my window, despite the bitter cold. Okay, that was just for dramatic effect. In New York it's actually very "spring" today, although the official start of spring is three weeks off, and I don't have spring break for another two. Digression aside, when I think spring I think lush colors in interesting shapes. I think about shoes that make me want to get a fresh pedicure and swap out my wool for a trench.

I think of these. I like the mix of purples. I like the subtlety of the enclosed platform (which has become so ubiquitous this year that it's making me a little sad). I even like the wood heel, a feature that turns me away from many otherwise delightful shoes. Here, the wood heel contrasts with the purples and makes the shoe right for warm weather. Weirdly, although these are not clogs, they make me think of that scene in Clueless when Cher's dad asks her what she did in school today and she says, "I broke in my purple clogs." The shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti and are available at Shopbop.

I also think of shoes like these. I don't usually like this heel shape, because I think it makes me look a little short, but the color is so pretty, a nice dusty teal. The back of the heel, which you can see in the second, is a really cool detail. I like the detailing of the leather too. I think these would be adorable with white pants. I never wear white pants (prefer skirts, white always ends up dirty), but that's just how I'm seeing these. Or a skirt to show off that stellar heel. These are Chloe and can be had from

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