Saturday, March 29, 2008

neutrogena healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush

So I've been thinking about blush lately (I'm going to pretend it isn't weirdly appropriate that I'm writing this while re-watching an episode from season one of Dexter on Showtime On-Demand), as one of those cosmetics that can work with very little else. Mascara absolutely falls into this category, and so I have about seven tubes of the stuff in my pencil cup, rather than in the serious makeup storage area. I don't do serious makeup every day, or even many days, it's a twelve times a year sort of deal, which I believe is good for my skin. I have good skin, which I understand is rare and fortunate, and wouldn't want to screw it up. Still, once in a while I sleep a little less than I'd like before showering and heading to class, and on those days, a swipe of mascara (right now I can't decide whether I prefer Cover Girl's Lash Blast or L'Oreal's Voluminous Naturale better-sooner or later I'll post about why I cop attitude about fancy expensive mascara) is something of a confidence boost. Blush, done right, is pretty and light for summertime.

I swore off blush around when I quit dancing and "acting" (not an actress, really bad liar) in school musicals and plays because stage makeup was gross and often applied by really aggressive stage mothers or aspiring "costume people". Blush then always seemed to be big pink or red badly blended patches on the apples of the cheeks. So yes, of course I gave up blush. Interestingly enough, I still love false eyelashes and wear them at every appropriate occasion. Go figure.

Anyway, all this so I can say that I tried this blush today:

The shade in the picture is "Vibrant" I'm pretty sure, but since I wanted something peachy and very warm for the summertime I went with the shade called "Healthy". I find most of Neutrogena cosmetics hues to have ridiculous names meant to make them sound healthier than they probably are, much like the smoothies at Jamba Juice. Silly name aside, I have never had a problem with any of their cosmetics and this was really no exception.

The color went on a little less bright than I might have expected, since the colors in the "blend" are a robust reddish terracotta, a softer but still bold melon, a soft creamy pink with some orange in it, and a rich bronze-y tone. It's probably a good thing it comes on less bright, it's very soft and pretty, extremely feminine. There is a good amount of shimmer in here, but because it is subtle, this is perfectly appropriate for day. I can't totally endorse it until I use it for a few things (maybe I'll even discover that the "Multi-vitamins and botanical conditioners" really "soften and smooth skin"), but I'm pretty and happy that I bought it. I do wish they'd streamline the packaging though; I'm sure most consumers have figured out that the tiny brushes that come with most cosmetics are pretty much useless. This blush is $12.49 at, not a terrible buy.

Fun fact, in one of my lectures the other day we learned that the scientific term for blushing is vasodilation.

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