Thursday, March 6, 2008

perfect for vacuuming

You all must be very sick of me. Or at least of my passion for mary jane shoes. And peep toes. And patent. Wow, no wonder my readership remains small...

But the other day S and I were flipping through the J. Crew catalogue (and commenting on how as their prices rise and rise, their quality sinks), and I noticed these in yellow. I think the yellow ones are tacky and sort of florescent, but I thought the emerald would be lovely, and I think I was right.

Now, these are not a "shoe wardrobe" shoe, which makes their $198 price tag a bit hard to swallow. Still, they're pretty and shiny and would look magnificent with lighter neutrals or even with some nice contrasting pieces, especially pinks for the woman who can pull of that super-prep look. I really love the chunky buckle and how the front of the shoe is open enough to show off a really nice pedicure. At J. Crew, if their continual inflation hasn't frightened you off yet.


JPENG said...

Hi there, I just found your blog off of a SE thread. Those shoes are HOT. I love colorful shoes! I'm going to link your blog okay?

anastasia said...

jpeng--Thanks for the link! I'll link you back.