Saturday, March 15, 2008

perfect for vacuuming

Well, my toes are painted Essie Calypso and I've just bought a pair of Old Navy flip flops (no fancy Havaianas for me, flip flops are bad for your feet anyway and I only wear them to the pool or similar), in this pretty pearlescent cream that will look awesome with my sequined swimsuit. Yes, my swimsuit has sequins. It's not really for swimming anyway, more for sitting by the pool coated in SPF 45 and reading a book (or my Animal Behavior text).

I do not have these, but they are summery and fabulous enough for any vacation. The Claudia Ciuti Mimosa pump, available at Nordstrom, weaves together straps of orange, lavender and brown leather. The colorful leathers make an otherwise traditional strappy sandal/pump special, and while the colors are whimsical, the purple is right on trend for the season (I won't comment right now about how I feel about things that are on trend because I love this shoe). I think the lavender straps down the front would function like a v-neck for the feet, and I love the thoughtful but unobstrusive buckle, so that the wearer needn't wedge her feet into the shoe, tugging at the delicate shoe. Perfect with a sleek dress in a complementary color (earthy tones, like a coppery brown or a rich, sexy purple) or worn as a standout piece with something trim and white.

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